Welcome to “The One Reviewer in a Million”. Why am I called The One Reviewer in a Million, because I’ am literally one reviewer in a million. There’s Yahtzee, MovieBob, That Guy with the Glasses, and too many more to list. However, I’ am Lov3Glov3 and I will set myself away from the pack by do the exact same thing that they ‘re doing. I enjoy tearing apart and discussing movies, video games and comic books. So hopefully you’ll enjoy my insights and opinions.






One thought on “Home

  1. Graham Gentz says:

    I like Legendary, Dead of Winter, and Love Letter very much.
    The others…? Not so much.
    Instead of Epic Spell Wars? Wiz-War.
    Instead of Munchkin? Cutthroat Caverns.
    Instead of Geek Out? Wits & Wagers or any number of party games, such as Codenames, Concept, Dixit, Pictomania, or Telestrations
    Instead of CAH? Say Anything. Make it as dirty as you want.

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